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Black Friday Deals – Should Your Business Adopt Cynical Marketing?

This Friday sees what has become one of the busiest online retail days in the run up to Christmas.  Named Black Friday this shopping phenomenon is crossing the pond from the USA and is essentially a ‘fake celebration’ following Thanksgiving and an attempt to tempt consumers to spend their hard earned cash on once in a lifetime deals.

Black Friday - Cynical Marketing

Last year Asda lead the way and you may  remember scenes of chaos in stores where tablets were being sold for as little as £49.  This year retail experts predict will be no different and have gone as far as to say Friday will be the busiest online shopping day the UK has ever known, with a purported million pounds spent on credit cards every three minutes.

In reality though how good are the deals on offer and is this new shopping craze a clever, albeit cynical, piece of marketing designed to feed into our every growing consumerist lifestyle?

Only those shoppers who are hardcore enough to get up early, fight their way through hordes of shoppers or click fastest online will actually benefit from the best deals.  The rest of us will fall victim to brilliant impact marketing techniques that retailers use to shift old and outdated stock – one such example on Amazon’s Cyber Monday yesterday was  a David Beckham aftershave set for a tenner, perfect for Uncle Frank this Christmas.

At Trade Price Stone we are firmly in the camp of offering the best deals continuously on our slate and natural stone.  For us the secret to what we do so well is that many of the staff have worked here a long time and have a personal knowledge of our trade customers and what they look for in order to make their business succeed and their purchasing decisions.  This knowledge is gold dust and allows us to bring in products that net us the sales all year round and ensure our trade customers benefit from our keen pricing time and time again.

Sometimes it is just about following the same marketing principles that have served you well and tweaking it to your customers’ evolving needs; our approach so far has worked year on year and that’s why we are one of the most competitive natural stone trade suppliers in the UK.

We could ultimately join in the Black Friday frenzy and jazz it up in lights but ultimately sometimes in order to succeed in sales it is about knowing when to stop and stick to your business principles.


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